Primary learning at MINT Museum of Toys highlights key components of student development, suitable for children aged 7 – 12 years, including Knowledge Skills. Students are being offered a new approach to exploring subject areas like Arts and Science.

Through individual or collaborating in teams, knowledge skills are taught through facilitated interactions and experiences planned in our programmes, focus on instilling values, developing thinking and communication skills.

An example would be exploring Pulley-systems and Energy with our oldest climbing, pulling monkey toy made in 1903 that tackles subject area in Science. Our oldest toy in the museum; hand painted from 1840s made out of composition materials, allows an insight to the art medium and techniques used in subject area for Art.

Primary School Learners
Learning Journey for Lower Primary


Learning Journey for upper PrimarY


The learning of science is based on themes that students can relate to in their everyday experiences and to the commonly observed phenomena in nature.

In our Learning Journey at MINT Museum of Toys, we aim to enable students to appreciate the relationship between different scientific ideas and our everyday occurrences. How does water become ice? How does a remote-controlled car work? Why do things fall when we drop them? In our Upper Primary Science Trails, we will explore Cycle of Matter, Energy and Force through exciting games and experiments based on our vintage toys!