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Mr Punch Public House is a rooftop bar perched atop the MINT Museum of Toys.

Specialised in punches and a unique Bring Your Own Food (BYOF) concept, we serve things up with an edgy dose of attitude. 

"A bad attitude can send you crashing, but a good one lifts the people around you.''

our offerings

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the drink concept

Mr Punch Public House is all about creating innovative drinks and flavours through the punches our Punch Masters create.

It’s our attitude, edgy as it seems, that enables us to really think out of the glass (box) to discover those new flavours that will excite you in a punch and keep you coming back again and again. 

House Exclusive Punches

Mr Punch offers house-exclusive punches inspired by a healthy dose of attitude and of course re-discovering the wonders of flavours and ingredients inspired by being in this part of the world. Try the ones crafted by our Punch Masters or test out your own concoctions from our flavour combinations.


An array of wines, champagnes, craft and draft beers are also available, including a historic Czech label, the Pilsner Urquell. With a heritage dating back to the 18th century, this refreshingly crisp draft beer is the world's first pale lager. We serve it authentically in cold mugs with a thick head of foam to seal in freshness and flavour, a quality beer experience the brand is renowned for.



The humble cup-noodle takes on a different vibe at Mr Punch Public House, try out unique flavours that you are not going to get easily elsewhere. We update our Cupnoodle Bar better than most places update their wine lists. That is just the way we do things.




Order in or ‘DA-PAO’ (This word originates from the Chinese phrase “打包” which means to package food. Used largely in parts of Southeast Asia such as Singapore and Malaysia) your favourite chicken rice or laksa while enjoying our exclusive punches and beers! 

Event space

The Public House, Open Concept Bar and Rooftop Terrace. Different spaces, same attitude.
Hire Fees

Minimum spend of $600 on drinks from Mr Punch Public House for use of space up to 4 hours
Subsequent hour at $200 per hour

the public gallery

Enamel signs were the advertising medium of choice back in the day. The colours pop, the designs carefully thought of to sell you anything you can image in the most imaginative way possible.Carefully curated and adorned on the walls of The Public Gallery you will see familiar names that had passed the test of time, or others that had faded into history.

Every enamel sign was put up for a reason. We’ve got more than just the one, so take your time to take it all in while sipping on a punch. Did we mention some of them do ‘come alive’ in Augmented Reality?

Ask our Punch Master if you can’t figure it out. 


Pop-up Events & Exhibitions


The Public Gallery is a versatile yet unconventional gallery space that welcomes collaborations between artists and curators of all backgrounds. Built thoughtfully as a hybrid between an urban rooftop bar and an industrial exhibition space, The Public Gallery aims to build a community of creatives who dare to defy conventions and traditions in their artistic pursuits and yet know how not to take themselves too seriously with a drink in their hand.

Opening Hours

Wednesday – Saturday: 630pm – 1130pm
Sunday: 1130am – 630pm
Closed on Mondays & Tuesdays