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UNBOX champions the heart and soul of private toy collectors and international licensed brands and also serves as a creative ground for up and coming curators to explore alternative exhibition narratives to bridge the gap between toys and art.

this season, unbox presents:

thisconnect: what i am, if i am not

A multi-disciplinary fine arts exhibition with an experiential design for participants and visitors to be in touch with their bodies so that they can find healing and peace within their body, heart, and mind. 

The pieces in this exhibition reflect on what it means to have self love and courage in the face of fear, resilience in the face of suffering, hope in the face of darkness, where one begins on a journey of unpeeling and unravelling the layers and facades that we wear, so that we can be truer and more empowered in our own right. 

Through this journey, may we bridge a deeper understanding of ourselves; our truths, the paths that we walk, and what it means to be whole and complete individuals. 

Work 1: Masks of Singapore

Exhibition Location:

Level 1

Level 2


Masks of Singapore is a 6-month-long community engagement movement, consisting of 3-hour workshops that combine life coaching and art, where we invite people from all walks of life to participate in an introspective self-discovery process that allows them to connect deeply to themselves, to the present, and to the world around them.

Many of us, at some point in our lives, will go through certain experiences that collectively lead us to asking the bigger questions with heavier weights: Who am I? What is my purpose? What is my TruSelf? What is the meaning of life?

Through the movement, we explored the deeper conversations that underpin the mental health struggles many of us battle, consciously and unconsciously, and 572 masks were created when individuals were given a safe space to be, to explore, and to connect to what lies at the core of their being when they strip away the daily masks they wear.

With Masks of Singapore, we aim to create an immersive experience of reconnection, exploration, and expression of our truer selves – one that opens up possibilities that inspire us to lead ourselves onto various paths beyond the “Singaporean Dream”, where we can unapologetically live a life true to ourselves.

Work 2 : I Feel You

Exhibition Location:

Level 3

What does it mean to connect, to be there, and to hold space for another person?

What does it mean to listen?

What does it take to be present, to be here, in the NOW?

“I Feel You” is a socially-engaged participatory artwork from 2020 that involves 10 pairs of strangers who held onto each other’s hands to connect and to share their deep-seated stories of pain, loss, and vulnerability. Each person is given 10 minutes to share. When one person speaks, the other party holds the space and only responds with one sentence: “I feel you”.

Work 3 : No Mud, No Lotus

Exhibition Location:

Level 5

Lotus flowers cannot grow without the dirtiest soil. It is the same with life – we cannot grow and evolve without going through our toughest battles, overcoming the challenges presented to us and learning the lessons within it.

No Mud, No Lotus is a multi-dimensional 5-day live performative work and installation (2021, Gillman Barracks, Hearth) that explores our relationship with time, self-love, courage, resilience, and the ability to presence the present.

As one artist creates a mudball, the other artist walks barefoot on the soil filled with sharp stones and rocks in a meditative altered state. The artist places a lotus flower on the ground for each mudball that is completed – without any verbal or physical communication.

15 individuals from all walks of lives were invited into a self-discovery process of doing the one and only act – to polish these raw mudballs to its finest shiniest state that they can be.

This is a multi-dimensional sensorial experiential piece that is not meant to be analysed intellectually, but to be experienced in full totality – physically, emotionally, intellectually, intuitively, instinctively – by being present in the moment.

In this work, we address one of the most important questions in life – Are you present?

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