The MINT Museum of Toys offers a family bonding experience for groups of all sizes and kids of all ages. If you’re looking for something to do with your kids during the school holidays in Singapore, the MINT Museum of Toys’ Journey of Rediscovery programme awaits your exploration. The first part of the journey consists of a curated guided tour of our toys themed around social values and cultural issues. You will be able to partake in a series of storytelling activities, games and pop quizzes exploring these topics as a family. The journey concludes with a hands-on creative workshop where your child can engage in crafting activities using our “Make & Play” kit that touches on social responsibilities.


As one of the Museum’s core programmes, our Journey of Rediscovery tours are specially created to provide families with young children a bonding activity that engages both the mind and the hands. These tours delve deep into pertinent social and cultural issues in Singapore and around the world through the history of specific toys. Themes include, but are not limited to, Racial Equality, Gender Equality, Poverty, Globalisation and Technological Advancement. Parents and children will enjoy learning about important topics in a fun and interactive way with activities like storytelling, games and pop quizzes.


Specially curated tours have in the past included, among various others, “Age of Superheroes”, a tour focusing on vintage Batman, Superman and Ultraman toy collections,  “I Can Do Anything”, a tour touching on issues of gender equality featuring toys made by and celebrating women , and “Kaiju Terror”, a tour focusing on Godzilla-themed toys and their relation to the atomic devastation of World War II.

All our curated tours incorporate a handicraft activity at the end for your kids to learn in a fun and tactile way. For example, the “I Can Do Anything” tour ends with a paper doll making session where your child will be able to craft a paper doll version of what they hope they will be in the future, while those on the “Kaiju Terror” tour will be able to create a box city with Godzilla facing off his greatest enemies. 

After enjoying the Journey of Rediscovery programme, you can come back at another time or day for a guided tour covering the Museum’s history. Gain expert insights into the design and value of significant toys in our permanent collection. If you’re looking to do some kid-friendly, family bonding activities midweek, the Museum offers free guided tours at 3:30pm and 4:30pm every Wednesday. Be sure to book in advance of your visit to ensure a slot for you and your family.