Virtual Museum

the mint museum of toys VIRTUAL MUSEUM

MINT Museum of Toys’ Virtual Museum is a digitally interactive platform that offers a sneak peak into the museum’s permanent exhibitions from the Collectables and Childhood Favourites levels. Through a 360 virtual environment, you will be introduced to a wide collection of vintage toys from over 40 countries dating as far back to the 1840s. 

In the Collectables level, you may discover familiar Traditional Folk Games and gain an insight on the development of toys throughout the Golden Era. In addition, you will also travel back in time and delve deep into the narratives behind some of our Historical and Political toys as well as some of the social causes championed by toymakers in the past. 

In the Childhood Favourites level, you will meet some of our rarest and highly sought after vintage Classic Companions which were carefully handsewn and handcrafted by exquisite makers from around the world. In addition, you will also gain insights on one of the Favourite Entertainments – Puppetry!


In An Exploration of Gender Equality Through Toys, you will be exploring MINT Museum of Toys’ collection of the dolls from the Door of Hope Missions in Shanghai, China during the 1900s. Through the story of the Door of Hope Missions, you will learn about the struggles faced by the Chinese women in the 1900s and how the Door of Hope Missions gave these destitute women opportunities in education and employment which eventually empowered them to become self-sufficient and confident in a society where the positions of power were held dominantly by men.